Wednesday, June 16, 2010

<----- Golden Eagle

<-----Mt. Denali

We woke up at 5:30 this morning. We drove to Denali National Park, home of the famous Mt. Denali--better known as Mt. McKinley. When we got there, we took a wildlife bus, where you went around a tiny section of the park looking for wildlife. It was only a tiny fraction but still, minus the rest stops, it was about a 6 hour round trip. Cars are only aloud to go a little bit into the park, and the buses can not go through the whole thing either. We saw: 3 Golden Eagles, a bunch of ground squirrels (which don't look like Ohio's tree squirrels; more like mini prairie dogs), some caribou, some snowshoe hares, a falcon, a raven, some Dall Goats, and even four grizzly bears! During our longest stop, the ground squirrels came really close to us and investigated our backpacks. It was really funny and cute. Towards the end [of the bus ride return home] I got really tired--I normally sleep until about 8:00-9:30--and fell asleep on the bus, since I was already laying down because I was car sick. During the drive, we also got a great view of Mt. Denali, the mountain we named our dog after. The mountain is all white, because it is completely covered in snow.
Speaking of dogs, after the bus ride, we went to the park's sled dog kennel. The roads all close in the winter, so they use sled dogs. There was a presentation, and we got to pet them. They were really cute. I got some pics of them on my camera, but I haven't got a chance to load this yet. Will show you them ASAP.
Then we went to a pizza place. It was really cool. There was a rock wall on the ceiling, a foosball table, the people there were playing Wii Sports bowling, and two dogs came in while we were there. They also had free wi-fi, which I was thankful for. (I have had limited wi-fi access lately). After that we just played cards and Monopoly in the commons, or, as they call it, the 'octagon'. Then we went to our cabin, which is called the coffee grinder.
<-----------Ground Squirrel

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  1. I am enjoying reading your blog, Elliott. I love the picture you took of the glacier - it looks so beautiful there. Can't wait to hear more about your trip. I am jealous - we still have four more days left of school here in Maryland. Alex, Maddie and Uncle Chris say hi. Molly does too. By the way your dogs look so cute and I love the name Denali.
    Love, Aunt Jess