Monday, June 21, 2010


We went to some place where my mom, Dr. Dave, Dr. Jill, and I did presentations on birds. I explained how we do our bird counts at Seven Hills. This was the third time I had done some kind of small presentation about the bird garden at our school. The first time was at the Cincinnati Zoo with Jake Lautman, Emma Perentesis, and Lela Robinson. The second was at the Queen City Bird Festival, with Jake again and also Jeff Welch, Kenneth Remaklus, and Sophia Pardo. The second time we showed some of the poster boards from the bird experiment project. Anyway, after the presentation, we got in a 10 passenger van and headed out to look for wildlife-especially Polar Bears. The ocean water from the Arctic Ocean was frozen solid We saw seals, but that was all. We also got seal and whale bones we found for souvenirs. The natives in Barrow are aloud to hunt whales because of their culture. Each family is aloud one whale per year. Whales are endangered, and it is illegal for anyone else to harm them. Then we went back, and that's really all we did.

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